• Where is the performance?


    Performances are held in the Rudder Theatre Complex at Texas A&M University.

  • How long is the performance?


    The performance will last about an hour.

  • How much are seats?


    All seats are $2 each.

  • Will I receive actual tickets for the performance?


    No. Seats in the theatre will be blocked off for your school based on the number of seats you requested.


  • Can I change the number of seats I requested?


    Absolutely! The deadline to do so can be found on your Attendance Confirmation Form. It is typically 3 weeks prior to the performance.

  • Do teachers and chaperones need to purchase seats?


    Yes. Everyone is required to have a seat. Sitting in the aisles is prohibited by the fire safety code.

  • How many chaperones may attend?


    Please keep your chaperone count in reasonable proportion to your student count. These are private performances that we are providing for area students. It is not a public performance open to everyone. We want you to plan for the manpower you need to supervise your students while keeping in mind that seats used by chaperones are seats not made available to students.

  • Can my parent chaperones bring their other children with them?




  • When should I expect an invoice?


    Approximately 3 weeks prior to the performance. We wait until then in order to allow you to adjust your attendance due to any changes in class size.

  • What forms of payment will you accept?


    We will accept checks or money orders made payable to: MSC OPAS Attn: Shanna Wright PO Box 15819 College Station, TX 77841

  • Can I hand deliver my payment the day of the performance?


    No. In the hustle and bustle of performance day, checks can be easily lost.


  • When should we arrive on campus?


    Plan to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your performance start time to allow ample time to seat everyone.

  • Where do we enter campus?


    Enter campus from George Bush Drive onto Houston Street (the corner where the Association of Former Students is located).

  • Where do we unload and what can we expect?


    You will stay on Houston all the way to the T-intersection with Joe Routt. Still staying on Houston, pull to the right and you will be greeted by OPAS students that will check-in with the lead teacher and serve as line leaders into Rudder. If there are buses that have already arrived, please pull in behind the last one.

  • Where do we park?


    After unloading, TAMU Transportation officers will instruct you on where to park your bus; either Houston Street or Coke Street. An OPAS student will come to verify the order that the buses are parked in, and we will then use that information when dismissing students from the theatre.

  • I’m coming in a personal vehicle. Where do I park?


    Private vehicles should park in the University Center Garage located directly across the street from Rudder Theatre Complex. Click here for additional information and rates.

  • We’re coming from out of town and would like our students to have the opportunity to use the restroom prior to the performance. Is that possible?


    Of course! We ask that you account for that additional time when scheduling your field trip. Inform the OPAS student meeting your bus that you’d like a restroom break. It is easier to accommodate everyone on their way through the lobby rather than after they are seated.


  • How does seating work?


    Students will be led into the theatre in a single file line. Once inside, our volunteers will escort you to the area of the theatre blocked off specifically for your school and begin seating the students. This will be done seat-by-seat and row-by-row. If you have any students that should not be seated together, please take care of that when you are unloading your buses before entering the building. Let our volunteers know where to leave empty seats for teachers and/or chaperones. Everyone must be in a seat as sitting in the aisles is against fire safety code. Please advise all chaperones and students to follow any directives from our seating volunteers.

  • May I take pictures or video during the performance?


    No. Due to restrictions in our contracts with the performers, any form of recording the performance is strictly prohibited.

  • Do you have any etiquette tips I can share with my students?


    Yes! A tip sheet should have been attached to the email you received informing you of your performance assignment. Thank you for your part in preparing your students to attend a live theatre performance!

  • What happens when the performance is over?


    Everyone will be asked to remain seated at the end of the performance. An OPAS student will take the stage and dismiss campuses as expediently as possible. Please follow the directions of our volunteers assisting with dismissal.

accessibility logos
Do you have accessible seating in your venues?
Wheelchair spaces and companion seats are available in Rudder Theatre and Rudder Auditorium. Patrons may purchase these seats online, in person, or over the phone. In Rudder Auditorium, the wheelchair landing is located along the aisle on Row H. Wheelchair seating and companion seating are also available in the Director’s Boxes on the second floor. In Rudder Theatre, wheelchair spaces and companion seats are located on Row A in the front and on Row P in the back.